Need someone to groom your dog? Maybe clip their nails, remove a tick or take them to the vet? We want to help, regardless of what type of animal or what they need. Let us know how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious what other types of services we can provide? Read on for some common questions.

We want to help you with your animal however we can. What this means is that if there’s something you can think of, we’ll provide the custom solution for you.

Beyond medicines and feeding, our services may include training, grooming and much more.

Sometimes having an animal is difficult, so we want to be there to help based on our experiences.

Our Experts

With Walks.Dog, we want to provide a more personalized, curated pet experience. This means getting to know you and your dog so that we can help provide the best possible service.

Austin Klein

Austin Klein

13 years experience
Joe Breslin

Joe Breslin

7 years experience

We’re excited to meet your animal friends and see how we can help.

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