Don’t have enough time to take your dog to the park? Let us help! Group Off-Leash adventures are exactly what your dog deserves. Our group off-leash adventures will make your dog feel like the free and fappy canine they truly are. By joining to pack off-leash your dog will be less likely to sprint away the next time they sneak out the door or get off their leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to make sure your dog has the best time possible on their off-leash adventure? Check out some of our most frequent questions.

We’ll either come pick up your pup or have you meet us at a nearby dog park (don’t worry, we know the best spots) with our dogs as well as any others in the group. We’ll either take your dog or have you join us for our group walk.

Off-leash activity offers the best chance for your dog to socialize with other dogs both in the play areas as well as throughout our walk.

By having an off-leash experience with other dogs, your dog will be less likely to bark or act defensively toward other dogs they see.

Our Experts

With Walks.Dog, we want to provide a more personalized, curated pet experience. This means getting to know you and your dog so that we can help provide the best possible service.

Austin Klein

Austin Klein

13 years experience
Joe Breslin

Joe Breslin

7 years experience

We’re excited to meet your animal friends and see how we can help.

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