You wouldn’t like being stuck indoors all day, so why would your dog? Let us give your dog the long-needed exercise and adventures they require. In addition to a great time, your dog will come back calmer, more relaxed and less likely to nibble on your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

No two walks are the same, so you should make sure your dog is getting the best possible walk.

We’ll come to your house to pick up your dog and take them either around the neighborhood for a 30-minute walk or to scenic nearby woods for our specialty walks.

Your dog will join our dog walkers and the rest of the pack for a walk where we’ll take in the scenes, smell the smells and maybe even play some fetch.

Unlike other walks where the walker pays more attention to their phone than the dog, with a Walks.Dog walk our experts will give 100% attention to your dog, even working on specialized training as they go.

Our Experts

With Walks.Dog, we want to provide a more personalized, curated pet experience. This means getting to know you and your dog so that we can help provide the best possible service.

Austin Klein

Austin Klein

13 years experience
Joe Breslin

Joe Breslin

7 years experience

We’re excited to meet your animal friends and see how we can help.

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